Quick TIP: Quickly verify AD replication status

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It can be a little tedious to verify replication status in a large Active Directory environment via the Sites and Services snap-in. Here is a command I use quite frequently to check the replication status of all domain controllers:

REPADMIN /SHOWREPL * /CSV >showrepl.csv

View the file in Microsoft Excel and perform the following filtering options to get a good quick overview of replication health:

1. Hide columns A and B

2. Select the row just under Column headers and choose Window / Freeze Pane (In Excel 2007: View tab, Window, Freeze Panes, Freeze Top Row)

3. Highlight the entire spreadsheet and choose Data / Filter / Auto-Filter

4. Click on the down-arrow for the “Last Failure Status” column, and choose “does not
equal” then type in “0” (In Excel 2007: Uncheck the box next to “0”)

You are left with a list of domain controllers having replication problems. From a cmd prompt, use:

“net helpmsg ErrorCodeNumber” to identify the replication error

(eg. net helpmsg 1396)