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What is NIC Teaming?
A solution commonly employed to solve the network availability and performance challenges is NIC Teaming. NIC Teaming (aka ……. bla bla bla). I know long wording will make you sleep. So lets just cut the long wording and make the point straight.

Purpose of having NIC Teaming is to team up all NIC port which have on your Physical Server and pump all network traffic as a huge highway to flow in and out. Thats amazing right?

Think of our real life environment, would you prefer a small path which can only fit 2 lane which is go and back without any acceleration advance or a highway which have each flow of 3 lane which can speed like Fast & Furious?

Wanna know more on NIC Teaming? Download the attachment which I’ve attach with! I’ve spend some ti e gather some information on NIC Teaming, Firewall as well as HyperV for knowledge sharing!