FAA Authorizes Microsoft Surface Use In US Cockpits

The folks over at the FAA might have blocked a beer drone delivery service, but it seems that the FAA has authorized the use of Microsoft Surface 2 tablets for commercial airlines’ electronic flight bag initiatives. Considering how airline operators have the keen interest to adopt mobile technology as a way to further simplify day-to-day business operations, the Surface team from Microsoft, too, wants to respond accordingly by helping these airlines remain up to date with progress and technology.

Basically, the Microsoft Surface 2 tablets have picked up Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorization for Class 1 or 2 EFB needs for all phases of flight, where the authorization process saw the Surface 2 tablet go through rigorous environmental and situational testing. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule here as airlines are still obligated to define their specific use requirements with the FAA as well as to throw in request specific device approval, which is why the FAA-approved Surface 2 tablet should keep plenty of Delta pilots happy.

This FAA authorization would include all phases of flight, allowing airlines to plan the incorporation of Surface 2 tablets with confidence into use within the cockpit instead of looking at it as a simple document readers. What do you think