Office 2013 Bug Issue and Solution

There is a bug issue that is affecting certain Office 2013 users after security patches updates that Microsoft acknoledged.
The bug affects specifically Office 2013 installed using the ‘Click to Run’ streaming methods that SRKK also used for our customers. Since is not affection all users; hence if you can start Office 2013 setup without any issue, then you likely not face with this bug. But if you face the below scenario while setup you can follow the guide for the workaround solution.

Error message when you try to start Office 2013 click-to-run setup:
Something went wrong.We couldn’t start your program. Please try starting it again. If it won’t start, try repairing Office from “Program and Features” in the Control Panel

Most of the time the uninstall method from Control Panel, Programs and Features and choose Uninstall for Office 2013 – will not work properly (cannot completely clean/uninstall Office 2013)

To properly uninstall Office 2013, us the the Knowledge Base article with ‘Fix It’ download. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2739501/en-us
After uninstalling Office 2013 using the above link, try reinstalling it.

Until Microsoft fix the buggy patch, if the patch reapply itself automatically the problem will repeat again. To prevent a repeat of the same bug, after reinstallation, open any Office 2013 app then choose File | Account | Update Options | Disable Updates. (Only do this if your Office autoupdate the buggy patch and will cause issue to you Office suite).