The rich Power BI capabilities and features available in Power View in Excel

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1. Open the College Enrollment Excel File

2.First tab enrollment vs drops – power view report
a.Configure chart/filters to have a view you like

3.Save to your Power BI site
a.File Save as Pulish out to SharePoint
b.Microsoft Corpnet Users go to your My Site (ensure it is Power BI enabled)
i.Select Power BI from the left hand navigation list
c.Partners will need to use an Office 365 tenant with Power BI enabled

4.Your Power BI site will open
a.Scroll down the screen and locate the icon “Documents”
b.Click “+add” and you’ll get the option to “Upload file”

5.Once uploaded, the workbook will appear in the list of available documents
a.Find the document, click on the ellipsis (“…”) in the right hand corner
b.Choose “Add to Featured Reports”, “Add to “Q&A”, and “Favorites”

6.Scroll to the top of the Power BI Site. The College Enrollment xls will now be included in your “Featured Reports”.
a.Click on the report to open the file.
b.Once the report is rendered, you’ll have all the capabilities as you did in Excel
c.Navigate through the file to show the Power View capabilities within Power BI

7.Top right hand corner of the Power BI Site, select “Search with Power BI Q&A”
a.You’ll be redirected to the Q&A feature of Power BI
b.In the search bar, enter “show enrolled” and a value will appear
c.Type “show enrolled by gender” to show a different view of the data, which will give you a bar chart
d.To change the view, go to icons on the top right of the chart and select “Show Field List”, the field list will pop up. Now, directly inside a browser you can modify the chart.
e.Type “show enrolled by gender by student state” in the search bar and a map will appear with the geo special data

8.Add as a featured question, click on “About this” on the top right hand of the page, “Add this as a featured question”