Cloud Backup – Why Your Business Needs It?

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Cloud Backup

Data is the heart of any organization and the currency of modern business. Backing up data is a key part of a business strategy. Maintaining its integrity and ensuring its availability is critical to the health of your organization.

Existing on-premises backup solutions often leave holes in protection and adding capacity requires costly capital expenditure. While having multiple copies in external hard drives and/or backing up files in different formats (e.g. hard drive + DVD) can save you from hard drive failure, what if there’s natural disaster or fire that tears down your working environment?

The answer is clear ̶ you need an off-site backup.

There’re two options you could consider for off-site backup:

  1. Secondary site backup
  2. Cloud backup

Secondary site backup refers to backing up of data to an additional site off on-premises. Withsecondary site backup, you have extra protection with the luxury of not having to worry.

However, you need to maintain your off-site facility, not to leave out other problems come with existing on-prem backup solutions.

Cloud backup refers to backing up of data to a remote, cloud-based server. Cloud-based servers are hosted in datacenters managed by cloud platform providers.

Cloud backup eliminates expensive disks and tapes solutions.

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