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Ever wonder how to change that plain looking login page you see every time you reach the office 365 portal? Microsoft had now launch a function that allows you to customize it! You will be able to have your banner logo, tile logo, sign-in page text, sign-in page illustration, and sign in page background color.

Before starting, I would like to explain what the items you can customize are.


1. Banner logo -> This logo is located at the top of your sign in and password text box
3. Sign in Page Text -> The text is located at the bottom of the sign in and password text box. The function is basically to inform user of additional instructions
4. Sign in Page Illustration -> This image is located to your left, it replaces the big image you see on your left.
5. Sign in Page Background Color -> it is visible if no background image is displayed.

Now that I have explained the components, next would be how to do it.

In your Office 365 admin center, select Azure AD


Complete the required free subscription steps, you should be able to see the following


Now you should select “configure” then select “customize domain”


Next would be customizing your custom branding



The first image would be managing your templates.

The second and third image would be customizing items as per the image.

This basically covers how to have a customize login page for office 365.

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