How to backup server with Symantec System Recovery via cold backup

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Today, I will introduce one of the great feature in Symantec system recovery disk. You can call it as image backup or cold backup. Cold backup is one of the feature which is built in Symantec System recovery disk and perform a full set of complete backup for your Server / PC.

With this method, you can back up your entire physical server or virtual server without logging in to windows.

Not to worry, I shall demonstrate it to you below. Before I start, you may need to prepare a few items:

Items needed:

  1. Symantec System Recovery Disk
  2. External Drive with sufficient free spaceProcess to do cold backup:

1.      Insert Symantec System Recovery disk into DVD rom.

2.      Reboot server and boot into DVD Media, press any button and it will load the Symantec media.


3.      After finished loading, you need to accept the Symantec license agreement.

4.      Press No on networking services. (Choose Yes only if your backup destination is access via network path)


5.      After that, it will get you to the main page of Symantec system recovery.


6.      Choose Back Up My Computer to do a full backup

7.      Over here, the backup wizard will launch. Press Next to proceed.

8.      Enter your product key

9.      Choose the drive you want to backup, tick it and press Next.

10.  Choose your backup destination and press next. (Make sure have enough free storage space on backup destination)

11.  Press next again without making any changes.

12.  Review the summary of backup, press finish to start the job.