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Harmony Document Viewer Installation.
This blog is regarding how installation is done for third party software, which is Harmony Document Viewer from Future Business System to our customers whom are required to use the application functions such as magnetic control.
Harmony Document Viewer is more or less like Adobe reader which is used to read .pdf format but on the Harmony application platform.

Step 1
Please go to this this page and download file.
The link will guide you the following figure.


Step 2
Click on the file Harmony Docurment Viewer and Harmony Desktop.
It will be downloaded automatically.

Step 3
Unzip Harmony Document Viewer and run SETUP.exe file (right click and select “run as administrator”)

Step 4
For the installation just follow the instructions and click next until it is finished.
There is no special configuration during installation.

Step 5
After the installation has finished – right click the icon on your desktop and select “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR”
Note: you need to do it only once to enable Harmony Documents Viewer