Creating a SQL 2012 AlwaysON Availability Group

​This is go through the steps required to install a SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Group (AG) or AlwaysOn Cluster.

    • Install SQL Server on both Servers. (Note: need microsoft sql 2012 enterprise version)
    • Make sure this 2 sql server are part of the domain member server
    • Start the SQL Server Configuration Manager on both SQL Server.

  • Select SQL Server Services -> Right-click SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) -> Properties.
  • Select the AlwayOn High Availability tab -> Enable AlwaysOn (tick-box) -> OK
  • Restart the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) Service
  • Within SQL Management Studio right-click the first SQL server -> New Query
  • Enter the following query. Ensure you enter the other server’s computer name. Hit Execute
  • use [master]
  • select the database and backup the database you want to make it AlwaysOn
  • Back within SQL Management Studio, Right-click AlwaysOn High Availability -> New
  • Click next
  • Enter in a Group name (Best to put the Application Name). Hit Next
  • Select the databases you want to add to the group. Hit Next​
  • Select add replica
  • Tick the automatic failover and select Readable Secondary if you require.  Then Select the Listener tab.​
  • Select the LAN subnet and enter in an IP address you wish to use for the AG Listener
  • Enter in a share that both servers have access to, this needs to be on 1 of the two servers. Create on if one doesn’t exist. SQL will backup the databases onto this share to restore on the second server.​
  • Ensure there are no warnings or errors then hit next. Address all warnings/errors prior to hitting next. You can re-run the validation once resolved.
  • Click “Finish”​

    You should see now be able to expand Availability Groups and see your newly created Group.​

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