Digital Transformation in Today’s Business

The technology in today’s business world is ever changing, it is no longer the “Big Fishes” eating the “Small Fishes”. It is rather the “Fast Fishes” eating the “Big Fishes” where companies have to keep up with the Technological Evolution for today’s business. With the advancement of available technologies, it certainly provides a business with an advantage to be more productive.

The event Digital Transformation was held at Microsoft Malaysia @ KLCC on 24th August 2016. The event is where digital leaders bring innovative business models, services, and experiences to life. The digital transformation of your organization requires people-centricity, customer obsession, business acumen, a culture of innovation, and a rapid continuous cycle of value creation. A successful transformation can help you better engage customers, empower employees, optimize business operations, and transform products.

The event started with the Director​ of Partner Sales at Microsoft Malaysia, Mr. Khim Khoon Teoh​​ for the opening along with a keynote regarding the Digital Transformation in Today’s Business. A while later, our CTO, Mr. Phang Wai Yin gave a presentation regarding The Future of Everything: How Digital Transformation is Impacting Organizational Success. The event ended with a Networking and cocktail session.

Overall the event was a success, the attendees were impressed at what are the technologies they can adopt into their business.

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