How to create something new in the Excel 2016

We always take the time to design a file that fits to our data format. With Excel 2016, we can simply begin with a Blank workbook to get right to work, or save ourselves a bunch of time by selecting and then customizing a template that resembles what we need.

Click File > New, and then select or search for the template we want.

There are more than 30 templates from different ranges: Business, Personal, Industry, Financial Management, Logs, Calculator, List and more. If these are not suitable, we can even search for online templates. We can use any online template based on the category that we wanted.


Sometimes, we do not even know where the recent files are being saved at.  Now we can  find our recent files with Excel 2016. Whether we only work with files stored on our PC’s local hard drive or we roam across various cloud services, clicking File > Open takes us to our recently used workbooks and any files that we may have pinned to our list. We can find more than 20 recent files that we recently used along with the date and time we modified and the file location. 


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