How to improve productivity during analytical process in Excel 2016

New to Excel 2016? We always consolidate and analyze our data with all the functionality and features we’re used to in Microsoft Excel. Today, let’s understand some of the new and improved features for Excel 2016 during analytical process.

  • Manage data with Excel tables


First, we can choose to format any range of cells in our current workbook as an Excel table. With Excel tables, we can analyze and manage a group of related data independently from the other rows and columns in our workbook. It would be much easier for us to do the analysis.
Insert functions, build formulas During analytical process, we may need some functions and formulas. Here, we can search for and insert functions, look up the correct syntax, and even get in-depth Help about how our selected functions work. What we need to do is just:
On the Formulas tab, click Insert Function to display the Insert Function dialog box.
Discover contextual tools

With the analytical table, we can also customize set of chart that best fit with our data. We can select relevant objects in our workbook to make contextual commands available.

For example, clicking a chart element displays the Chart Tools tab with options for the Design and Format of a selected chart.

Try it out with your next work file and tell us more your experience! For the best valued IT solutions Contact US​.

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