How to duplicate Reusable Workflow into another Team Site

If there has a same workflow that need to be used in every Team Site, we can create the workflow with Reusable Workflow and save it as template. But how apply or duplicate the workflow template into every Team Site?

Here is the steps to duplicate the reusable workflow into every Team Site.

1. From the Microsoft SharePoint Designer, click on “Workflows” in the left panel. Then select the Reusable workflow that wish to duplicate, and click “Save as Template” which located under ‘WORKFLOWS’ tab in top ribbon.
For example, “Document Approval – Doc”.

It will pop out a dialog box and stated the location where the template saved to. Click “OK” to close the dialog box.

2. Navigate to the location of the workflow template (For example, “Site Assets” library). Select the workflow template and export it to our local PC by clicking on the “Export File” under ‘ASSETS’ tab.

3. Select the location that you want to export to and add in the text “.wsp” at the end of the file name. Choose “All Files” in ‘Save as type’ drop down container and click “Save” to export it to local PC.

4. Login to SharePoint (Site Collection), click on the gear icon on top right and select “Site settings”.

5. Click on the “Solution” which under ‘Web Designer Galleries’.

6. Click on “Upload Solution” and choose the file from the local PC by clicking on the “Browse…”.

7. Select the Workflow Template that export just now and click “Open”. Then, click “OK” to upload the workflow template into the Solution Gallery.

8. Click on “Activate” to activate the workflow template, so that it is ready to be used in every Team Site.

And make sure that the workflow template is activated.

9. Navigate to any Team Site, click on the gear icon on the top righ and select “Site settings”. Then, click on the “Manage site features” which is located under ‘Site Actions’.

10. Scroll down the page and find the item that start with the name “Workflow template “[Workflow Name]” from web template…“. Then, activate the feature by clicking on “Activate” button.

Wait for the page finish loading and make sure that the feature is activated.

11. After the feature is activated, the Reusable Workflow that we want to duplicate will appeared under the Workflow in the Team Site where we activate the feature. For example, “Test Site for Project”.

Now, we can add/ apply the Reusable Workflow into the list or library in this Team Site.