Ransomware – The Threat is Real

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Ransomware has been a topic of substantial discussion in the media throughout 2016, and the year 2017 does not seem to be changing anytime soon. In most cases, this amount can only be paid in Bitcoin, which a lot of people see as an anonymous digital currency, even though it is not. Hackers feel safe accepting Bitcoin payments, as they think people will not be able to trace the funds. Unfortunately for them, the blockchain keeps track of all resources in real-time, and is publicly accessible, making the digital currency anything but anonymous.

Recently, one of our valued customers suffered a major ransomware attack thus we would like to advise all our customers that the threat is real. Whenever possible, SRKK does not support the action of paying any amount of money for the ransomware.Furthermore, we are aware certain local banks today are taking measures to prevent transactions of Bitcoin payment.

Kaspersky Lab Malaysia territory channel manager Nicole Woo stated in TheStar (2016) that 821,625 unique users were attacked by cryptors in the third quarter, 2.6 times more than the previous quarter. She also added that instead of tricking users into installing ransomware, attackers are now increasingly breaking into computers and remotely installing the ransomware.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Hence, come and talk to SRKK team about cloud based security solutions and other relevant solutions to secure and protect help and fight back against ever growing track of ransomware.