SharePoint 2013 Color Coded Calendar Items by Category

In SharePoint 2013, we can change the color of every category of calendar item. By default, we have 6 different categories on calendar (you can add more).

On this tutorial, we will add diff background color on the Meeting category.

  1. Create an item and select ‘Meeting’ as category then save. By default, the background color is blue.
  2. On the top left ribbon click Calendar > Create View > Click Calendar View > Add Name of your view (let’s say ‘Meeting’) > Under Filter section, select Show items only when the following is true:
  3. On the filter, Select the Category column to the first Dropdown, select is equal to and type Meeting on the textbox then click save.






4. Now we will add overlay for Meeting List view, Click Calendar on the top left Ribbon > click Calendar Overlay > Click New Calendar > Type your calendar name (e.g: ‘Meeting’) > select your color (e.g: ‘Red’)> select you calendar list > and select our new created view ‘Meeting View’ > click OK.

Note: If there is no selection on the List and List View drop down, Just click the Resolve button to load your lists and list views.

*You can repeat the whole steps if you want to apply to other categories.