Teams Live Event Customer Testimonial from Forkwell

With the urgency of organising a Hackathon to combat COVID-19 in a short period of time, Microsoft and SRKK was immensely helpful in coming up with solutions that would work for us and deliver the quality of our desire. It was hands down one of the best experiences we had. 

The agility and cooperativeness have taken us aback it changed our perception on how efficient a large corporation can be, even faster than some of the start-ups we worked with! 

” The solution we went with was Microsoft Teams. The features we enjoyed most was that the producer was able orchestrate the whole LIVE event from who goes next and what screen to be presented. Additionally, the blur background feature allowed us to present ourselves with the privacy of our homes, along with allowing us to pick the virtual background without instantly changing is quite cool. 

To sum it up, we could not have delivered such a smooth event without the team and we look forward to many collaborations in the future. “


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