8 Compelling Reasons Why PowerApps Reign Supreme Amongst App Development Softwares

8 Compelling Reasons Why Power Apps Reign Supreme Amongst App Development Software

PowerApps is a low-code app maker

The world of low-code development is rapidly expanding, and that includes the market for hassle-free app development platforms. In the midst of the rise of different game-changing applications, Microsoft went live with PowerApps on January 2017. PowerApps, a simple business app for mobile devices, is incredibly uncomplicated in its drag-and-drop user interface that allows adding different controls, media, forms, and screens to construct a mobile app.

This application will help you in developing your ideal business app with simplicity and ease. PowerApps, like its counterparts: AppSheet and Google App Maker, is designed for users to develop visually pleasing applications with world-class features. The catch? PowerApps applications are only shareable between one’s organizations— internal use— as it is based on the licensing model. But who says that was a limitation? Here are 8 reasons why PowerApps can still cater to your organization’s needs despite that!

Why is PowerApps a Winner?


1. Easy App Maker:

With PowerApps’s pre-configured templates, you can develop apps without major coding requirements! Because of its flexibility, you can simply reduce the rigorous task of coding with effortless drag-and-drop features or select a template with ready-made functions for your business requirements. Whether you’re making a business app, a smartphone application, a browser-based app, or an application for your personal computer, Microsoft has got you covered!



2. Speed and Efficiency

In a world where time is of the essence, an hour’s delay could bring about major implications to an organization’s business process! In order to always be ahead of the competition, optimize your processes by developing applications using PowerApps’s dynamic and visual environment. With this, your developers are able to create business apps while simultaneously receiving advice and suggestions from users and management alike; making changes and updates as required in real-time!  This will greatly improve the time to develop apps efficiently. Once the app is finalized, publish and share the application with all members of your organizations.



3. Connect to data with ease

connect data with ease when make app

Due to PowerApps’s versatility, it is able to integrate with other applications such as Microsoft SQL, Server, SharePoint and One Drive. Connecting to the correct data sources is crucial when setting up an app, however PowerApps takes care of this concern by integrating itself with other Office 365 applications and stores its data in Microsoft SharePoint. Since PowerApps was designed for internal use, everything is intertwined in the same environment and thus, data management is even easier!



4. Access to Mobile Features

Another exciting feature that PowerApps leverages on is that it provides access to the hardware features on our mobile devices. This includes GPS location services and cameras! We can develop an app that requires the user’s current location recorded, or even an app with a barcode scanning feature— everything is possible with PowerApps. This inevitably opens up new possibilities of developing applications with a plethora of features that further enhances an organization’s business processes!



5. Microsoft Power Automate

App Makers like PowerApps require a continuous flow of data in order to automate and simplify business processes. The renowned Microsoft workflow platform is able to cater to both intricate and easy flow processes as configured in your PowerApps applications. With just a click of a button in the app, it triggers the necessary processes that ultimately carries out the whole purpose of the application! Take a simple Equipment Request App, for example. Once an employee selects the equipment, they would like to request from the HR department, a flow will be triggered and the HR Admin will receive the notification, prompting them to approve of the request or decline it.



6. Ready for your Smart Phone

PowerApps is an app maker that is uniquely designed to work on your smartphones while you’re on the go! Gone are the days to obtain iOS developer accounts, security certificates, or struggle with deploying Android APKs to devices; with PowerApps’s simple deployment feature, we are able to share our apps to users through the sharing and publishing functions available! All that is required of end users is to download the PowerApps Mobile Apps and they are able to access all the PowerApps applications you created and shared to the same organization. It’s that easy!



7. Integrated with Microsoft Office 365

PowerApps is able to unlock a world of business opportunities and it can be an organization’s biggest asset once deployed. Essentially, it integrates seamlessly with the Office 365 suite, allowing you to exchange data through Google Docs, SAP, Oracle and Dynamics 365. In addition, Microsoft has given PowerApps in-and-out access to relevant software programs such as SharePoint Online that greatly maximizes productivity and efficiency levels.


8. Low Cost

lower the cost to create app with PowerApps

Microsoft has revolutionized the process to create apps. In that sense, PowerApps is an affordable option amongst app maker platforms that is available at $7 per month for the basic set. For $40, developers are given the feature to build model apps! What’s truly amazing is that Microsoft has featured Office 365 as a free add-on for developers to use to store their data and utilize it.

Is PowerApps Superior to Google App Maker and App Sheet?

The above analysis clearly puts PowerApps in the superior and better end of the spectrum. While Google App Maker and App Sheet are both phenomenal app building applications, PowerApps provides users with a graphical interface that visually allows us to create apps! For a mere $40, users can get access to each and every application on Microsoft 365 and more.

It is only natural that users would want to make apps using a platform that is well connected and versatile at the same time! Google App Maker and App Sheet are heavy competitors, but with PowerApps and its new drag and drop feature, Microsoft seems to have gotten the well-deserved edge and have become a clear winner.



In a world where there are numerous other mobile development tools ready on the market, Microsoft powers through with its compelling low-code app-making platform. PowerApps is one such app maker that allows any organization to build custom business apps that streamlines their processes and optimizes productivity and business data. Since it is a cloud-oriented service, Microsoft ensures that PowerApps’s functionality are up to date by releasing new features and enhancements. Its extensive abilities have won over the crowd as it delivers on its promises to become one of the most successful and well-known low-code software development platforms!




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