Pros and Cons of Internal IT Support — is it the one for You? 

As many industries & sectors move into digitalization, IT support has played a vital role in sustaining business. 

Most businesses and companies need IT services, and the only difference is the scale of usage. 

The scale of usage of IT support or having the IT department depends on the nature of business.  

What you need to clarify is to whether to have an internal IT support or outsource IT support

We’ll tackle first the pros and cons of internal IT support. 


The Pros of Internal IT Department: 

Internal IT Department Streamline Business Operations 

 IT staff is familiar with the daily business operations. They have a good understanding of the entire management & workforce. 


IT Support Provides More Disciplined Approach 

Works at a deliberate pace and provide comprehensive solutions to a particular problem. 


Internal IT Service Means Quick Response

In case of emergency the support can be provided immediately. 



Internal IT Support Means Less Security Breach 

Security protocols are followed, and only authorized personnel have access to confidential information. 


The Cons of Internal IT Support: 

Surplus of Tasks 

Piling up of tasks making it unmanageable for the team. 


Vacations and Leave

Piled up requests and problems because IT team was on leave or vacation. 


Costs and Salaries 

Increased number of IT support staff since one or two virtual IT professionals can’t be experts in all the technical areas.  

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Before making a final decision 

It is wise that you consider the needs of your company. This will tell you whether an internal IT support is the best option for you. 

Know and be concrete on the capabilities of your IT team. 

Know what kind of resources you need for whichever type of IT support you will have.  

Whether you choose to have an internal or outsourced IT support, consider important work elements such as workload, human resources, budget, and business needs.

These will better help you decide whether to have internal or outsourced IT Support.  


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