What is RPA and How can you benefit from it? 

Making timesheets, tracking, and making  an expense report, for instance, are the daily routine tasks in an organization that is necessary but demoralizing to the employees. 

The reasons for the low morale are that these repetitive tasks are mind-numbing to the workers.

Although the repetitive action may increase professionality and expertise in the area, it may lead to procrastination and an increased probability of human errors

The solution to this is robot process automation (RPA). 

What is Nintex RPA?  

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is a drag and dropinterface that use trained bots to quickly automate the routine task and streamlining processes using either structured or unstructured data sources. 


How organization benefits from it?  

Improve work productivity and employee morale  

RPA allows organizations and workers to focus and dedicated their time to a more interactive and engaging task.

These will help improved employee morale, promote career or potential growth, and increase work productivity as they no longer have to engage in doing the long and repetitive manual processes. 


Drag and drop interface  

The drag and drop tools of Nintex RPA’s interface lowers the technical barrier of bot configuration.

As there is no need for complex coding for Nintex RPA, more workers and organizations can automate their business processes and not limit it to organizations with skilled programmers and IT staff. 


Accurate and consistent  

By defining and designing the correct set of rules and tasks, organizations can obtain accuracy and uniformity from RPA processes, lowering the possibility of errors within the business process.

Business Processes run through RPA will be executed with task performance accuracy. 


Business Advantage of RPA: 

  • Cost Savings 
  • Quality, Accurate Work 
  • Enhanced Cycle Time 
  • Employee Empowerment 
  • Simplicity and Flexibility 
  • Better Control 
  • Insights and Analytics 

As you move and thrive for digital transformation, weaving RPA into your business will declutter your process, ensuring accuracy. 


Interested in discovering more about what Nintex RPA can do for your business? Contact us at:

Singapore: Contacts us through +65 6389 1831 or general@srkk.com.sg

Malaysia: Contact Us Now


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