Cracked in < 10 seconds: Top 15 worst passwords of 2020

742 million passwords were analyzed and revealed that in numerous data breaches over the past several years. 

Of the 742 million entries, there were only 169 million unique passwords.

Which gives you an idea of how frequently we use obvious passwords. 

As companies, organizations and people continue to thrive amidst the current situation & embrace digital transformation. 

The use of technology and online platforms has been essential over the past year.  

As employees use more and more platforms, which requires accounts, people tend use either the same password for all accounts or use weak passwords. Do you use similar passwords across all your accounts? 


Here is the list of worst passwords of 2020 that could be cracked in less than a minute. 

In 2019, the password “onedirection” came 184th on the list. 

In 2020, it didn’t make it at all.

Does that mean the band is losing popularity as its members are pursuing solo careers, or are their fans becoming more cyber-conscious? 

As more applications are using such passwords for banking, work, and all, which are all online, using a weak password can be dangerous.  

Your credentials could end up for sale at the dark web.  

Change and use stronger passwords or download password manager apps to secure your accounts, to refrain from security breach.  

Check here if you think you are cyber-secured. 


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