Maximizing Data with Power BI Dashboards. 

  • Power BI is one of the best BI tools for non-technical users. 
  • Power BI transforms raw data into interesting visualization. 


Maximizing the Filter Function: 

  • From your Privit dashboard you can check the performance of the department, or the individual performance of each employee. 


  • You can use different filters such as by month, or by quarter. 


  • You can also monitor your top customers. 


  • Which product lines have the highest sales (including the total value of each purchase). 


  • Find out also which customers are related to specific product lines. 


  • Arrange your data alphabetically for easy monitoring and searching. 


  • View data in a table format. 


Use the different filters to save time in extracting insights, statistics, or data you need. 




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