The Internet Ghetto

At SRKK, cybersecurity is our priority. Both for our clients and internally.

We invest heavily in tools to keep ourselves ahead of cyberthreats.

Periodically, we do receive alerts of phishing scams and we wish to keep all of our clients, partners and vendors informed on what we are doing about it.

In this day and age, many attacks are intentional and crafted specifically to target companies from many angles.

They are no longer limited to only attacks on servers and computers, but even the staff.

Terms like phishing or social engineering are commonplace and we cannot afford to ignore this change that is happening in the threat landscape.

Bearing these two factors in mind, SRKK utilises and provides a service to clients that monitors the dark web (this is the part of the Internet where compromised information and the “bad guys” hang out).

We proactively check to know the moment compromised logins and passwords we monitor are shared there.

When sites can get hacked (this year alone, Facebook & LinkedIn were affected), the email addresses and passwords of staff can be exposed.

With these credentials in hand, hackers then try to use them across various platforms, as they bet on the fact most people use the same passwords everywhere.

Security awareness training is another large component, as robust systems are as weak as the people who unknowingly share credentials by clicking on fake links and expose their credentials there.

At SRKK, we have routine campaigns to educate, then test staff so that everyone is able to spot an attempt to phish for credentials easily.

Tip: If you get a request, and have the slightest bit of doubt, pick up your phone and call the requester. This forms a “physical two-factor authentication” to ensure you are doing the right thing.

Final Words

We have made it our mission to optimise productivity through digital transformation, and this includes cybersecurity.

If you are keen to find out more about monitoring the dark web for your organisation or security awareness training, click the button down below!

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