SRKK Group & Integricity Technology Merger — Better Together.   

On June 1, 2021, Yew Lip Sin, CEO of SRKK Group, and Alex Lam, CEO of Integricity Technology made an official announcement that both their companies were merging to form a larger and stronger entity.

Through this merger, Integricity adds to SRKK a software and hardware distribution arm to lend further strength to the existing IT services it provides. Alex Lam was clear that while the merger would provide added products to the SRKK team to sell, it would maintain a clear separation in their customer database, CRM, staff, and even physical offices. This is due to the fact Integricity serves many IT companies, some of whom are competitors to SRKK.

The relationship between SRKK and Integricity started in October 2019 in Sydney, Australia during a convention when both parties had a chance encounter. Since then, Integricity has been a vendor to the SRKK Group by providing Kaseya VSA, an enterprise solution for cybersecurity to their MSP team. As both companies worked closely, they both found a lot of common ground; it was their strong culture and values that brought the two companies together.

Yew Lip Sin on welcoming Integricity to the family emphasized his advocacy on learning which stems from his desire in equipping technical teams well. “A growing company is a learning company”, he said. 

Alex Lam, who now joins SRKK as the Chief Strategy Officer, shared during his speech that Integricity was founded on integrity and their core values were in total alignment with the SRKK Group. He then introduced the SRKK values of Satisfaction Guaranteed, Reliable, Knowledgeable, and Kind-hearted to his team. 

For more information about services available, do visit the respective websites of www.srkk.com and www.integricity.my

You can also connect via www.srkk.com/enquiries/ – the SRKK Help Desk will be happy to assist you to find the right solutions and achieve your full business potential. 


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