SRKK Stories: New Joiner’s First Impression 

SRKK wants its new joiners to feel welcomed and included. The company sponsors social events, mentorship opportunities and even a 60-day onboarding program. 

Onboarding begins early even before the first day of the new joiners, where they are informed of the company’s core values and expectations to instill a sense of involvement and importance of their new role within the company.

While these initiatives increase camaraderie among employees & boost confidence with the new hires, they also create impact on SRKK’s mission to become an Industry-leading IT Consulting Partner. 

Here are few new joiners at SRKK… 


Addy Adrin My name is Addy. My first job was as an Accounts Payable Analyst in a logistic company. After few years of working there, I was offered a position as a Credit Analyst for SRKK, which I accepted. 

So far, working here has been a better experience for me than my previous job. In just a month, I have learned many things and I was able to pick up more responsibilities. 

This is my first time working in a corporate setting which I do find it challenging sometimes but manageable. Nevertheless, working here is very comfortable and the people are very friendly.

I can say that the bosses take care of their employee’s well-being. I look forward to growing and building my knowledge with SRKK in the future.

Nurlina Anati 

This is my first time seeing frequent followup by HR in relation to knowledge and experience gained during the early employment stage.

It is a good practice as the new joiner would not feel left behind. A meeting will be conducted on daily basis with the manager and weekly basis with the CEO.

This is also my first time involved with this kind of culture. It is quite challenging in the beginning but later I found that this culture is good to keep employees focused and able to produce results more efficiently. 

Aside from that, my colleagues here are friendly. They are always available to teach and answer all my queries even though they are busy with their own work. 

Nawal Aqilah 

I am working with SRKK as a Quality Specialist for about one month now. Previously I was an IMS auditor cum trainer in a Certification Body, so this definitely felt like a different role for me.  

During the interview process, I was asked to do a DiSC Assessment which is a self-assessment to understand more about my behavior and personality.

Work-life in SRKK is about a healthy working environment and working here right now, I am able to experience it myself which is great.

Furthermore, the people are cooperative and committed in their work. Currently, I am still coping with my new role and work culture.

My leaders are very understanding and supportive which makes it easy to adapt. I am happy that I was given this opportunity and I look forward to growing and overcoming challenges together with the company. 

Lee Jia Xin 

It has been a great experience joining SRKK where the people are friendly and are always there to help whenever I face any problems or have any questions while working on a project. 

As an intern, I was given the chance to work on a project which provided me with a good learning environment even though I am new. 

I feel really involved and enjoy being a part of the developing teamSRKK also places great importance on having a healthy lifestyle and encourages its employees to have a habit of reading books which is something that I find to be amazing. 

Hanis Zahier 

Before I joined SRKK, I have never heard of SRKK.

When I was called, I spent 2 hours on the phone with the hiring manager during the interview. The hiring process that I went through felt incredibly involved and engaging.

It left me with an impression that the company treats its candidates seriously and professionally. As a result, I joined the team with a remarkably high expectation, and the expectation was met.

I was impressed with the way SRKK treats its employees. I can see that the company really emphasizes the importance of employee’s well-being, and I am incredibly happy to be working at this company. 

Whether with experience or just an intern, SRKK Group opens its doors to individuals who are up to the challenge of going out of their comfort zones, climbing their career ladderSRKK continue to aim to empower its employees & team members by providing all the necessary knowledge and experience in the industry, preparing them to be much efficient & better professionals.  

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