FatNinjas By SRKK

We have some news for you…


Over the years, SRKK has been an established organization in providing support for infrastructure, server, and cloud solution. And now as we continue to grow, we merge with Integricity to further expand our reach of service.


SRKK Engineer will now be called “Fat Ninja By SRKK”, and these ninjas are ready to help you with all IT journey needs. All Fat Ninjas are experience and certified on technical skills. And we always strive to improve our ninja certifications.


With the experience that SRKK have, Fatninjas offers the following services:

  • Your IT Support needs for PC/NB/Network/server
  • IT Consultation for your IT journey towards Digitalization and IR4.0
  • Microsoft 365 solutioning
  • Microsoft Azure Solutioning (Azure Virtual Desktop and others)
  • Backup And Disaster recovery Solutions
  • Endpoint/PC/NB protection (Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Reaqta)
  • Dark web Monitoring
  • IT Assessment to uncover your environment
  • Monitoring on your Critical services,Network, and devices
  • IT outsourcing

Our Fatninjas are looking forward to assisting and helping you fins solutions to your IT problems.


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