No coding backgrounds, No problem!

Nintex RPA allows enterprises can swiftly and cost-effectively automate common activities with Nintex RPA’s drag-and-drop interface, which is simple to use but powerful.


Users now have access to a comprehensive, enterprise-grade process management and automation solution as part of the award-winning Nintex Platform, which can handle processes driven by both structured and unstructured data sources.


While it’s customary for RPA users to brag about how many bots they have, wouldn’t it make more sense to concentrate on the results?


You only pay for the processes that are automated using Nintex RPA, not the number of bots or even the generation of new processes.  Because digital transformation is already complicated enough, why not make it a little more transparent and straightforward in how you approach it?


Nintex RPA helps its users automate recurring tasks even with little background on hard coding. While you want to automate your company’s many manual, time-consuming operations, RPA-powered processes might be difficult to scale if the solutions aren’t user-friendly enough for non-technical personnel.


Rather than being limited to a few expert programmers, Nintex RPA’s straightforward visual drag & drop tools enable more people to introduce efficiency across the firm.


Data can be found in a variety of places within the organization, including spreadsheets, websites, and even outdated systems. Nintex RPA comes with over 300 actions that you can connect to quickly and easy to get your automated activities up and running – no programming skills required.



With Nintex, it is by no means been faster or less difficult to manage, automate, and optimize workflows and enterprise processes. We provide visible system mapping, workflow automation, virtual forms, and robot system automation software program solutions.


Give us a call today and Amin Talebi kahangi one of our vTES will have a 30 minute brainstorming session with you to leverage the power of RPA in your environments.

Singapore: Contacts us through +65 6389 1831 or general@srkk.com.sg

Malaysia: Contact Us Now




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