What is this “Hybrid Work”?

How an employee and where an employee work is one of the things that has been affected by the pandemic. Workers have been moved from working in the office into remote working in the comfort of their own homes. 

But this setup continues to evolve, employees now are not just working on the four corners of their home, they can be working on a café, the beach, the library, in the park, or anywhere there is a space to sit and do their job.

The roots of Hybrid Work took its roots from Bring your own device (BYOD), this is proof of the ever-evolving nature of the business industry.

I had a first-hand experience with Hybrid Work, from being that team member who is overseas (I’m working in the Philippines), while the whole team is over Malaysia, with this set up I’m able to do my tasks remotely. 

This setting is something that organizations will continue to face and start mending into the business structure, which demands some “unlearning what you have learned


 Workplace reimagined

  • People will be free to work from anywhere
  • People will want to work in the environment that’s best for them
  • Organizations that rethought how their workforce operates.

The new era

  • visibility into the employee experience.
  • Critical understanding of how employees’ environments are impacting their work and finding insights that can improve their experience and productivity.
  • Security is another primary enabler.
  • Once the technology, analytics, and security foundations are in place, businesses will be better positioned to unlock the full value of Hybrid Work: operating model transformation.

“2C”—Cultural Change

  • Acceptance that the employee environment is now part of the “workplace”.
  • So much is currently tied to geography, but the future will be all about balance.
  • Workers in different roles will benefit from the work environment best suited to their needs.


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