Designing Power Apps
Factors to consider when designing Power Apps solution


1.Business Requirements

Every app you develop will have a different set of business requirements based on the solution. During this process, you will also want to identify any government regulations or authentication/authorization requirements.

Try asking yourself what specific details will you need to be able to have access to? Or what kind of numbers you will need to generate reports or updates? Pondering on questions like this early on will better help you decide where and how to start building your applications.

2.Data Model Implemented

Every data source and its supported functionality is slightly different. Depending on your app requirements you need to select the data source that supports your needs or modify your business requirements to comply with the supported functionality for the selected data source.

Considering where the numbers and data are coming from will better help you design and structure with PowerApps. You might want to integrate data sources into your applications for easier access, monitoring, and management.

3.Customize User Experience (UX)

You can now challenge yourself to level up your business game and do better with your end-user experience by leveraging this PowerApps.

Here are some of the basic designs elements you can consider:

  • Custom Branding (your logo and colors)
  • Pop-ups
  • Hide/show buttons based on users’ access/permissions

With PowerApps, you can make the customer journey with you more engaging, and easy-to-use.


4.Visualize User Interface (UI)

PowerApps allows you to have the flexibility to control your user interface.

Accessibility. Ensure the app interface follows accessibility guidelines so all your users can interact with your application without any issues.

Localization. The app you create can adapt to different languages, providing a great user experience for your users across the world.

Since PowerApps is an easy-to-use development platform, accessibility and localization help your created app much efficient and more user friendly for the end-users.


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