80 percent of top-performing organizations that have been utilizing marketing automation technology for three years or longer have seen the benefits of automation in terms of higher revenue and customer engagement.

If your business has not adopted any form of automation, then this year is the best time for you to do so. With automation,you could lessen human errors and even gain better market understanding.

There are several options you may consider when it comes to automation, and Power Automate is one of your best choices.


What is Power Automate?

An online workflow service that automates actions across the most common apps and services. Power Automate allows you to create workflows that are either automated or manually triggered by a user.

You can use also Power Automate to automate workflows between your favorite applications and services, synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and much more.

Three flows that can assist in business automation

  • Create a cloud flow to perform a task automatically after an event. Customize a trigger by adding conditions so that it fires only when certain conditions are met.


  • Via the Desktop flow, user can automate repetitive and manual task using the robotic process automation (RPA) capability in Power Automate.


  • Business process flow act as a guide for other users to follow a process and ensure all related information is provided before moving to the next business process stage.

    Types of Cloud Flows
    The types are different depending on the automation to be triggered either automatically, instantly, or via a schedule.

    Automated flows

    Triggered by an event such as the arrival of an email from a specific person, or a mention of your company in social media.

    Instant flows
    Start an automation with a click of a button. You can automate for repetitive tasks from your Desktop or Mobile devices.

    Scheduled flows
    Schedule an automation such as daily data upload to SharePoint or a database.


    To learn more about Power Automate, give us a call today and let’s have a brainstorming session with you. We are happy to explore how we can better help you in adopting automation into your business.

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