The Dominant Tech Trends Of 2022

In the early days of 2020, few industry analysts would have suggested that the focus for technology professionals would be on the quick deployment of solutions to support effective remote working environment in the coming months.

Under the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic, more and more companies become more dependent on digital technologies. Here’s the rising technology trends we see in 2022.

01.Increased Use of AI for cybersecurity 

Cyber-attacks are becoming worse and more targeted. Many enterprises starting to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) based cybersecurity tool to protect their business against cyber threats.

In recent years, threat actors have increasingly broadened the scope of their operations, often deploying AI in phishing efforts targeted at the masses.

We continue to see that in 2022, AI applications such as Microsoft Defender will be the growing cybersecurity solution that helps business organizations to stay protected from hacking attacks. we expect to see this more as AI is used to create distinct photorealistic faces.

This is where applications such as Microsoft Defender helps business organizations stay protected from hacking attacks and reduce breach risk.

02. Integration Of Siloed Data
As data volumes and sources continue to grow, seamless access across a worldwide company’s many data silos will become increasingly difficult in 2022.

Businesses will look for modern platforms and methodologies that integrate the composable stack and distributed data together, such as data fabrics.

In 2022, businesses will be focusing on figuring out how to connect siloed data for meaningful insights.

Platforms such as Microsoft OnDrive, and Azure Cloud Storage that cater access to anyone anywhere at any time will further help each team player to work efficiently.

03. Enhanced Search Optimization
Despite recognizing that search is critical to the customer journey experience, many organizations are using search optimization tactics.

The proliferation of search and discovery techniques that both inspire and serve a need for the customer is the largest tech trend to expect in 2022, from streaming to buying.

04. Optimization For Hybrid Working
In 2022, it is evident that remote work will continue to grow in popularity. Businesses will continue to rethink operations to optimize hybrid working arrangements

As a result, there will be a split audience, with some employees working in the office and others working from home. Modern technology solutions and space redesigns will be used to level the playing field for hybrid cooperation.

05. Increased Workplace Automation
Today, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and automation is assisting organizations in filling labor shortage gaps, while Self-serve kiosks, autonomous order fulfillment, and AI-enabled drive-thrust.

As the beneficial business benefit of enhanced productivity and staff morale is seen, we believe that automation will continue to penetrate more parts of business operations. 

06. Consumer-Focused Experience-Based Technologies
Technology advancements are providing businesses with new methods to connect with customers and improve the user experience.

Virtual reality and augmented reality, in particular, are already changing the way people gather information, make decisions, and complete purchases.

As more firms invest more in providing immersive shopping experiences for their customers, we expect this tendency to continue this year.

07. Focus On the Benefits of Digital Transformation
Digital revolution isn’t going away anytime soon. Documents you deal with now, for example, were very certainly created as digital files and will only ever exist in digital form.

Digitally native assets are more actionable and contain vital metadata. They also develop relationships with other digital assets.

To put it another way, digitalization offers new layers of insight and provable authenticity to data.

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