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Why Join Transform 2023? Hybrid Workplace: Work Is Where Employees Are.

Why Join TRANSFORM 2023?Hybrid Workplace: No Longer A Place, Work Is Where Employees Are. The new norm is here to stay. Despite the ongoing public debate to return to the office, it is difficult to ignore the changing tide of the modern-day workforce that desires the benefits of a hybrid modern working environment. A survey...


Why Join Transform 2023? Once You Automate, You Won’t Want to Deactivate.

Why Join TRANSFORM 2023? Once You Automate, You Won’t Want to Deactivate. In an age where business processes are increasingly complex with multiple layers of collaboration and approval, the ability to “Do More With Less”, simplify and speed up workflows is a huge advantage.  Automating tedious and repetitive tasks can save countless hours and cost,...


Risky Multi-Cloud Environments? Fortify and simplify them!

Risky Multi-Cloud Environments The demand for cloud technology is surging and with enterprises using multiple cloud services, the avenue for attack and risk factor increases. Cloud clutter makes it difficult to manage and securely contain risks.  Too many cloud services and configuration errors? How do you gain full visibility into each cloud environment and integrate...


Why Join TRANSFORM 2023?

Why Join TRANSFORM 2023? Understand Your Cybersecurity Needs. Protect Your Business. Did you know that cyberattacks are the number one concern for businesses today?   According to the 2022 Allianz Risk Barometer – a study of 2,650 risk management experts across 89 countries and territories – ransomware (57%), data breaches (57%), and IT vulnerability due to...


RPA: The Work Buddy You Never Knew You Needed

RPA: The Work Buddy You Never Knew You Needed After years, do you feel like your business’ IT software and technology requires a facelift?  Do you feel that somehow your business processes and workflows are slow and laborious, requiring time and effort like push-starting a car? In this digital age, you do not want to...