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This Vs That: G Suite Vs Zoom

G Suite Vs Zoom Over the past year since COVID-19 has started, the way organizations continue their businesses has changed. Video conferencing and collaborations has now become the trend and best option to ensure continuity of every business. Video conferencing has patched geographical challenges amidst the pandemic. It is also believed to boost productivity, saves...


Nintex Partner Award

SRKK is a Finalist in the 2021 Nintex Partner Awards    SRKK is pleased to announce it has been recognized as a finalist of the 2021 Nintex Partner Awards.   Nintex Partner Awards recognize channel partners that drive high-impact results and continuous process improvements for public and private sector organizations across every industry and geographic region by leveraging Nintex’s powerful and easy-to-use process management and...


Case Study – Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Case Study – Microsoft Office 365 Migration   Our client is a Company is working in Web Services, Internet Security, Building Materials, Vehicle Services business activities. The Challenges The Company has outgrown its existing email service. The client had over 160 users with windows 7 that that were using Rackspace for Emails and data storage....


SRKK Stories: New Joiner’s First Impression

SRKK Stories: New Joiner’s First Impression  SRKK wants its new joiners to feel welcomed and included. The company sponsors social events, mentorship opportunities and even a 60-day onboarding program.  Onboarding begins early even before the first day of the new joiners, where they are informed of the company’s core values and expectations to instill a sense of involvement and importance of their new role within the company. While these...