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IT Security: 15 worst passwords

Cracked in < 10 seconds: Top 15 worst passwords of 2020 742 million passwords were analyzed and revealed that in numerous data breaches over the past several years.  Of the 742 million entries, there were only 169 million unique passwords. Which gives you an idea of how frequently we use obvious passwords.  As companies, organizations and people...


Tech Update-Power BI

Maximizing Data with Power BI Dashboards.  Power BI is one of the best BI tools for non-technical users.  Power BI transforms raw data into interesting visualization.    Maximizing the Filter Function:  From your Privit dashboard you can check the performance of the department, or the individual performance of each employee.    You can use different filters such as...


SRKK Stories: Meet Shahfirol Haziq Bin Abdullah

SRKK Stories: Meet Shahfirol Haziq Bin Abdullah Are you willing to do whatever it takes just to fulfill your dreams? How far are you willing to go to make your goals a reality? Many say that they’ll do EVERYTHING to achieve their dreams, but often it’s easier said than done, especially when things get hard. The same is true for Shahfirol...


nintex rpa

What is RPA and How can you benefit from it?  Making timesheets, tracking, and making  an expense report, for instance, are the daily routine tasks in an organization that is necessary but demoralizing to the employees.   The reasons for the low morale are that these repetitive tasks are mind-numbing to the workers. Although the repetitive action may increase professionality and expertise in the area, it may lead to...


CIO Paradox chapter 2

The CIO’s True Life Calling (Chapter 2) Do you feel sometimes that there’s something you’re missing?   Do you sometimes wish that you could be doing your true life calling? Did you know that you’re not alone in such a “dire” situation, many CIO also feels they’re missing their true life calling as a CIO professional?  “CIOs tend to believe that they are an overhead function, when you believe you’re an overhead function you operate differently...