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CIO Paradox chapter 5

“We Belong. – (Your Left Out  IT Team)”   (Chapter 5) One evident problem in many organizations is that CEO’s have never run IT & they do not understand the function, its tools, its staff, or, most importantly, where all that money goes. This lack of understanding makes CEOs uncomfortable with IT and predisposes them to...


CIO Paradox chapter 4

“Futurist & Archivist” (Chapter 4) As CIO, you have always had to manage what must be the ultimate CIO Paradox, supply versus demand. Before the consumerization of IT, the demand for new technologies come only from the top-management. But this is no longer the case. A challenge wrought by technology consumerization: brand new CIO Paradox:...


Tech Update 2: Becoming a Microsoft Team Power User

Becoming a Microsoft Teams Power User Are you planning to begin using Microsoft team? or has already been a user for Microsoft Teams but wanted to master in maneuverings this platform or learn more about Microsoft team capabilities? If yes, then you are in the right place. Let us start by learning about the product....


CIO Paradox chapter 3

“The Challenges of Going Global” (Chapter 3) Global CIO Paradox 1: Innovation Is Happening outside the Organization Watch out for innovations happening outside your circle. You gain a number of insights from consumers outside your organizations, this will help you on how you can thread-in innovation in your organization.     Global CIO Paradox 2:...


IT Security: 15 worst passwords

Cracked in < 10 seconds: Top 15 worst passwords of 2020 742 million passwords were analyzed and revealed that in numerous data breaches over the past several years.  Of the 742 million entries, there were only 169 million unique passwords. Which gives you an idea of how frequently we use obvious passwords.  As companies, organizations and people...