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Make technology a business advantage


What is a modern business?
Technology can make the difference in driving your company ahead—setting you apart from your competitors, whatever size they may be.
The modern business stays ahead of the rest by making technology a business advantage. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, technology leaders far outperform their peers in the marketplace, creating jobs almost twice as fast as other small businesses and growing revenue 15 percent faster annually.

Your path to modern Business
Cloud Advisors and Microsoft offer business solutions designed to address your business goals and challenges across four key areas:

Grow Efficiently

Use technology with greater efficiency, adapt more readily to changing needs and get the most out of their IT investments.

Solutions : Grow Efficiently

Get the best of server and cloud. Get just the right balance of simplicity, flexibility, and cost for your specific business needs. Choose to host your applications in the way that best suits your business—whether onsite, in the cloud, or both.

Run LOB applications on-premises, while beginning to host others in the cloud.
Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure
Add new employees and apps easily, paying only for what is needed.
Office 365, Microsoft Azure
Select from a range of innovative touch-screen devices at the right budget.
Microsoft Surface

Business anywhere

Your business is where you are. Wherever you are

Solutions : Safeguard your Business

Enhance collaboration by enabling mobile and remote workforces to work together more productively wherever they are. In this scenario, we will look at a SMB customer example of how Microsoft solutions enable employees and teams to get their work done anywhere:

Access large files from an on-site business application and make changes from a remote location.
Windows Server 2012 R2 (RDS, VDI), Windows devices
Quickly connect with the sales team to provide updates in real time.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365 (Outlook, Lync)
Work together with the team to update a proposal for an upcoming customer pitch.
Office 365 (OneDrive for Business), Windows devices

Safeguard Your Business

Keep data protected, navigate file backup and disaster recovery, and secure data on mobile devices without increasing risk.

Solutions : Safeguard your Business

Your business is a castle. And that castle needs protection in an increasingly digital and connected world. Your employees are the first line of defence. In this scenario, a storm-related power surge causes a fire at a customer site, which takes down the office server and many of the desktop PCs. The local document storage and primary LOB applications running on-premises are destroyed, along with the PCs of many employees.

s-1-t s-2-t s-3-t
A fire destroys a firm’s on-site line-of-business applications and employee PCs.
Windows Server 2012 R2 (Hyper-V Replica), Microsoft Azure
The LOB applications and sensitive data are restored in minutes from an off-site server.
Windows devices, OneDrive for Business
Employees access their files and apps from off-site mobile devices, just as they left them.
Office 365

Connect with Customers

Build more profitable customer relationships through better customer intelligence and more engaging communications


Solutions : Connect with Customers
Get to the data you need fast using tools you already use. Find and combine data from internal and external sources with familiar tools to help make business decisions faster.

c-1-t c-2-t c-3-t
An account manager combines customer and sales data to uncover a new cross-sell opportunity.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Office 365 (Excel), Windows 8 Pro (Enhanced Search)
Connects with the customer on Lync to discuss their needs and set up a meeting.
Office 365 (Outlook, Lync)
At the customer site, sales team delivers a compelling interactive presentation and wins the business.
Office 365, Windows devices (Miracast)


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