CRM Kaizen

A new way of implementing CRM Systems

Why do you need CRM System?

Without a CRM System
With a CRM System
Customer and deal information stays within the company.
Have a 360-degree view of your customer – including information regarding events attended, marketing emails opened, landing pages visited.

Keep your customers even when your salesperson resigns and work for competitors.
Automate sales activities such as report generation, follow up reminders, and nurturing emails.
Know exactly how each sales rep is performing, and what deals they are working on with charts and dashboards.

Why Dynamics 365 Sales?

Dynamics 365 yields $16.97 for every dollar spent, compared to the average $8.71 per dollar spent.

Fast onboarding and high adoption with similar look and feel as Microsoft Office 365

Dynamics 365 is a Cloud CRM SaaS that is constantly evolving and innovating

Productivity, Productivity, Productivity – Microsoft is all about that.

Extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365 with PowerPlatform (PowerBI, PowerApps, and PowerAutomate).

Key Features


Our Conclusion:
If your CRM implementation strategy is a one-time project – be prepared to fail.

“Digital transformation is not a project, it is a journey.”

The CRM Kaizen Methodology

Agile Project Management

Waterfall projects fail 125% more compared to Agile projects.

Japanese Kaizen Philosophy

• Fusion of Agile Software Development + Japanese Kaizen Philosophy (Continuous Improvement) applied for to CRM Implementations

• Why Agile? 3x less failure rate compared to Waterfall Projects

• Why Kaizen? Your sale process is constantly improving, your CRM system needs to be continuously improved too

  Your sales process is constantly changing and evolving, your CRM system needs to be continuously improved to keep up with it.   

Benefits of CRM Kaizen

Perfect CRM system for the unique YOU

A cookie cutter CRM system wouldn’t work perfectly for you. We’ll make the cookie cutter fit you.

Increase user adoption

It’s hard for us to monitor CRM adoption and usage, we’ll do it for you and drive adoption when needed. 

Increase sales

A CRM system can help you increase your sales by up to 41%, we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Always get the best and latest

 Dynamics 365 is constantly improving. You’re wasting money if new features are not implemented and used.

Unlimited change requests

Change requests are always welcomed as part of the continual improvement process.

Unlimited support

Stop worrying about not having sufficient user support – we’ve always got your back.

Number of 2-Week Sprints (Improvement Cycles) per Month
Bi-Yearly New Feature Updates
Unlimited Support
Unlimited Change Requests
Max Training Hours per Month
6 hours
3 hours
1 hour
Power Automate Flows
Integration with Office 365 / Power Platform Applications
Dynamics 365 Portal Deployment
Power BI Dashboards
PowerApps Custom Applications
Integration with non-Office 365 / PowerPlatform Applications
Ideal Timeframe
1st to 12th month
13th to 24th month
25th month onwards


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