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Frequent Asked Questions

1. What happens if the user forgot to punch out at the end of the day?
SISTEM IN-OUT will auto reset within the day itself to avoid misused by the user. However, HR/ Manager will have the full visibility to keep track on the time log that was missed.

2. The punch in/out cannot verify whether the user is cheated?
Yes, the tools cannot eliminate cheating cases. As the application access thru the staff’s credential to punch in/out. However, further control can be implemented to deter example photo snapshot of the staff during punch in.

3. Assuming there is a tracking on the overtime feature which needs to tally back with the punch out time enforced by HR/ Manager?
Yes, the system will auto-calculate the overtime hours if user punch out after the working hours. However, user needs to punch out before 11.59p.m as the system will reset daily.

4. What if the user punch in from home, but not actually doing anything related to work, how to justify?
Correct, the application is used in conjunction of other measurement as example a checklist of all task need to be done during the punch in and a daily twice group meeting.

5. The SISTEM IN-OUT location is GPS track?
Yes. The location is capture by Bing Map and their Latitude and Longitude. If the user login via phone, it will ask user to allow the GPS location.

6. Is it PowerApps and Power BI are part of Office 365 features or we need to buy additional license?
PowerApps is available in Business Essential, Business Premium, E1, E3, E5; PowerBI is available only in E5. You can purchase standalone PowerBI license if needed.

7. Does the PowerApps have ready connector to integrate with 3rd party system?
Yes, PowerApps do provides connector to integrate with certain 3rd party system. Subject to availability.

8. Is the database stored on Cloud?
Yes, the app database will be stored on SharePoint Online.

9. Any charges if we would like to download or move to other database?
No additional charges. The app database can be exported into excel file for further actions.

10. For Microsoft Teams 6 months trial promo, what is the max capacity?
The trial promo can cater up to 1000 users. Please talk to us for further information.