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The evaluation of the health of an IT environment is often faced with the same regard. Just as people are encouraged to undergo routine check-ups to detect potential health-related concerns they may be unaware of, so too should analysis of IT environments be conducted to mitigate future risk. One way is by conducting a technology assessment – a complete view of your business and technology needs.

Understanding IT Assessments

Business Strategy

How effectively does your use of technology support your overall business strategy and organizational objectives?

Best Practise

To what degree does your current IT environment align with technology best practices?


How strong is your organization’s security posture?

Discover & plan

What is your plan for technology in the case of a natural or unexpected disaster?


How does your organization’s IT spend measure against the spend of others in your industry?

Examine & analyze

What steps should your organization take to make improvements to your IT environment?

Reasons to Undertake an IT Assessment

In addition to providing a health check of the organization, IT assessments can help organizations uncover whether IT is helping move the organization forward and if IT is appropriately spending, as well as provide insight into the innovation or lack thereof within the IT department.

What to Expect Following an IT Assessment

Although the actions needed following an assessment vary from one organization to another, areas for improvement SRKK commonly finds during the course of an assessment include failure to plan for disaster recovery, back-up failures, security deficiencies, misconfigurations due to staffing or experience issues, and hardware failures unreported due to minimal monitoring.

SRKK IT Assessments

SRKK employs objective and quantitative tools (e.g., standards SOP’s, vulnerability scans, etc.) as well as conducts quantitative analysis (e.g., discussions with key personnel to understand technology pain points as well as organizational goals). By utilizing specialized tools to identify security gaps

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Organizations that undergo an IT assessment have the opportunity to review their environment to ensure IT is moving the business forward. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at below:

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