Microsoft 365 adoption may look simple but it is not to most. To adopt a new technology, we are here for you.

Do you resonate with these statements?

Adopting Microsoft 365 may look simple (especially to those tech-savvy people) but it’s not the case for most users. To adopt a new technology requires a change both in behavior and enablement—one cannot go without the other.

This is where Mbrayz365 comes in.

Mbrayz365 or “Embrace 365”, is a change enablement program, through MS Teams with specialization on Teams Live Events. It uses a framework and toolsets to aid people with the transitioning process; from the current stagnant state to a much productive state, and thus reach the organization’s objectives and expected benefits.

Why Mbrayz365?

The diverse multigenerational workforce has their preferred set of communication tools and opinions.

Constant changes with the cloud computing solutions and technology updates are happening much faster than you can ever imagine!

Most employees do not want to use new technology rolled out by their organization.

Become innovative with technology

Employee Experience will become as important as Customer Experience

Engaged and digitally enabled employees have the tools and are more motivated to offer consistently higher levels of customer service and drive efficiencies.

Prioritizing the engagements of CEOs and their employees

An engaged CEO = A more successful transformation project = Happy and trusting employees!

Rational and achievable key targets for effective change management

Recent studies have shown that customers are six times more likely to meet or exceed business objectives when effective change management or enablement is in place.

Advocate mutual reinforcement which promotes learning

Learning from co-workers is one of the most effective ways to adopt new technology.

Productivity solutions for all

If you have just purchased Microsoft 365, Mbrayz365 is for you. If your company has already purchased Microsoft 365 for some time and the adoption rate is still very low, Mbrayz365 is for you too!

This ensures that your company stakeholders realize the full business value of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365

All Mbrayz365 activities will be conducted at your place of business. This allows for us to observe and assess your business environment to provide you Microsoft 365 solutions that complements your business.

We begin wherever you are and whenever you are ready.

We know what it is like to not experience any benefits from what we have invested in, typically, in technology.

With Mbrayz365, we can help you understand and adapt to Microsoft 365 seamlessly.

Client Stories

Microsoft Teams played a huge and significant role in getting things done and got us through the MCO in a breeze, especially with everyone separated.

With Microsoft Teams, it has successfully allowed us to conduct our seminars and hold a meeting anytime and anywhere.

Teams is not just a platform for webinars but a well-integrated, secure and stable business communication and collaboration tool that we leverage on.

The features we enjoyed most was that the producer was able orchestrate the whole LIVE event from who goes next and what screen to be presented.

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