Our Partners

We recognize the importance in forging key partnerships and close collaborations with vendors and partners alike as we endeavour to provide our clients with the best value propositions possible

Partnership Philosophies

SRKK builds goal-oriented outcomes and focused-relationships. We believe in being stronger together!

Collaboration is a key part of SRKK’s culture. SRKK understands the importance of collaboration in order to achieve success. In fact, much of our success can be credited to our record of being good listeners who respect transparency and belief in strong corporate governance.

We have developed powerful set of relationships – teaming with leading technology providers and thought leaders around the world to offer the most innovative digital solutions on the market. SRKK’s key technology partners include:

IT Vendors

Delivery Partners

IT Distributors

Financing Partners


Collaborating with partners has helped us expand the scope of our solution offerings and our ability to meet the demand of the customers as a trusted IT Consulting and Managed Solutions Provider.  

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