Our Promise

Advancing our global capabilities by sharing our experiences, knowledge, and resources among and between consulting practices and offices.

Brand Promise

Right & Timely IT solutions

We Say IT, We Do IT.

You will never walk alone!


We grow your business through change.

Digitization is changing the world. At SRKK, we help organizations succeed in this fast-changing landscape. As a leading technology advocate, we help our clients realize results through the power of our people and the Microsoft ecosystem, and other technology partners.

In everything we do, we believe in the principle of Change or Be Changed. Every day we help change everything that needs to be changed.

You will stay on top of the technology curve to keep improving — we conduct technology update events monthly.

You will engage with a group of certified & trusted IT consultants whose services are fully reliable to the core.

You will directly support SRKK Mission & ELITE Core Values and enable us to keep up our important work.

Quality Policy

We are committed to continuously improving our IT consulting & managed services to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. At SRKK, we have a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 as the basis to high quality services, and we are set to review our quality objectives annually as a form of continual improvement.

SRKK aims to transform ourselves from good to GREAT:


Creating an environment conducive to learning where the growth and development of employees is actively encouraged and supported.


Being a reliable partner that delivers right and timely IT solutions which complements our customers’ aspirations and business targets, and make our customers’ jobs easier.


Understanding and evaluating our markets, our customers’ needs & expectations and continuously seek to improve our services to enhance customer satisfaction and operational excellence.


Advancing our global capabilities by sharing our experiences, knowledge, and resources among and between consulting practices and offices.


Building a long-lasting, trust-based relationship with our customers by consistently providing high quality products and services.

Trusted Consultant

SRKK endeavours to always be our best as a Trusted Consultant and specialize in the following core competencies:

Developing IT solutions for a secured modern digital workplace on the cloud (Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, SharePoint, Azure PaaS & IaaS, and other value-added solutions)

Developing business applications & automation solutions (digital forms & workflow, and robotic process automation).

Reselling endpoint devices & software (PC, Laptop, tablet, conferencing devices, Windows, and Office, and cloud computing)

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