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Make sense of your business data with beautiful live dashboards
on Power BI that are accessbile anywhere.
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Used by 5,000,000+ people worldwide to gain business insights
Review References Link: https://www.trustradius.com/products/microsoft-power-bi/reviews
Up to 73% of a company’s data is unused.

Deep insights & better decision making.

Microsoft Power BI can help – The No. 1 Business Intelligence Platform that’s Affordable, Powerful, and Simple.


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Looking for the best? Based on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Power BI is by far the best Analytics and Business Intelligence platform in the market.

How each business metric affect another

Connect to your existing cloud and on-premises systems and consolidate data from multiple sources into a single dashboard. Learn how different data points in your business affect each other.

Run your business
in real time

Live 360 view of your business so you can run it in real time instead of looking in the rearview mirror.
100+ Visualization types

Talk to your data and get answers

With natural language processing capabilities, you can ask
questions and get answers – in beautiful, interactive visuals.
Something like Siri for Business Intelligence.
100+ Visualization types

Visualize insights in your business

Live 360 view of your business so you can run it in real time instead of looking in the rearview mirror.

Get insights
anywhere you are

Get instant access to your dashboards and reports with the Power BI Mobile App available on the iOS AppStore and Google Play Store.

Interact with your data to get answers

Slice and filter data with interactive reports and dashboards to get in-depth answers to your questions.

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Interact with the Power BI reports below to see how you get insights.

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Get your own data science and business intelligence consulting team for a fraction of the cost and keep up with your evolving business intelligence needs.

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Your dedicated business intelligence and data science team includes a Consultant, a Developer and an Account Manager with a fixed number of hours per month.

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Monthly Power BI
Development Cycles

Plan out a BI roadmap with SRKK and run monthly 1 or 2 week development cycles to implement your business intelligence needs.

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Downgrade or Pause
Subscription Plan

Pause or downgrade your subscription when your business Intelligence need are met
Why PowerBI Kaizen?
Unlimited Dashboards
Get unlimited changee requests and support requests to make sure that your evolving BI needs are satisfied.
Build Internal Competence
We work with your internal developers to upskill them if needed.
No Hidden Costs

No hourly billing and no additional fees for source files. Just a flat monthly rate.


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