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Keep your IT system ON all the time!

SRKK approaches IT system support services proactively; we believe that IT system support services is among the highest level of services that one can provide. Sistem ON offers 24/7 system monitoring services and proactive fixing of system errors before any major mishaps.

Sistem ON is a comprehensive portfolio of IT managed services that attends to your company’s evolving IT needs. Instead of “Break Fix” IT support services that identify and react to system breakdowns, Sistem ON detects system errors and rectifies it before major remedial action is needed.

Why choose Sistem ON?

   ON the save

   ON the safe side  

   ON the updated side

   ON the win side

   ON the efficient side

Enjoy our services

At an affordable price for all sizes of business

Proactive Solutions

We help detect problems in your system before it gets worse. This proactive effort gives you nearly zero downtime.

Controlled + Predictable Spending

By subscribing to Sistem ON, you are only charged a fixed monthly fee, as opposed to the large & unpredictable expenses that come with managing systems in-house.


New Technology

A huge advantage of subscribing to Sistem ON is the swift implementation of this new technology. Projects can be started right away, saving you time and money.

Stay Focused On Business

Let Sistem ON deal with your complex IT needs, this allows you to stay focused on the demands of your core business.

IT Advisory Services

SRKK has a plethora of experiences with various types of  businesses and organizations. We assure that our dedicated team of experts is able to provide you with the best IT support services.

Access To Expertise

Sistem ON also offers IT advisory services.  Our team of expert engineers is also your IT consultant, collaborating with and advising your company. This includes formulating strategic IT goals, budgeting, analysing and reworking business processes.

Features Packages

Our Sistem ON offers 3 exclusive packages, Premium, Professional and Ultimate. You can subscribe the package base on your requirement.


Managing the complexity of IT environment.

A starter for the customer just managing, monitoring and supporting your IT environment and handling day-to-day operational tasks. These activities help to increase the performance, availability and security of your systems, ensuring that end-users have access to the applications and data they need. If the existing customer’s IT environment still have a lot of area is not standardize yet. Customer is encourage to upgrade from Premium package to the package PRO.


Standardization in IT environment.

Standardizing Windows, operating system for the PC and standardizing the office across the PCs as well. Customer can stay productive on the go using the best in class productivity tools so the customer can work across of all the favourite devices (including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android). Added Value, standardize window server cal.


Accelerating your business with cloud services.

After standardizing the entire IT environment, customer can migrate the IT environment to the cloud and using the Microsoft cloud services example: Exchange, Sharepoint, Teams, Skype for Business etc. to enjoy the IT environment always ON 24/7,365 days. All these cloud services allow the customer to work productively, work together collaboratively wherever and whenever.

Struggling to manage your business-critical systems, while meeting the demands of day-to-day business?

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