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When ransomware strikes your business, are you prepared?

​ It’s a normal work day. You get your morning coffee, getting things done, feeling productive then you notice something weird. A pop-up appears. It’s a ransom note. It says that your files have been encrypted and wants USD500 in bitcoins to free them up. What happened? Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to the...

by May 10, 2016May 10, 2016

The Soundness of Microsoft Azure – Getting Started

The Soundness of Microsoft Azure In the modern digital world, the future always lies ahead of cloud computing pathway and Microsoft has achieved this by introducing the future, Microsoft Azure. With Azure, it has the ability to provide on cloud services and able to act as infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and...

by January 31, 2016January 31, 2016

Cloud Backup – Why Your Business Needs It?

Data is the heart of any organization and the currency of modern business. Backing up data is a key part of a business strategy. Maintaining its integrity and ensuring its availability is critical to the health of your organization. Existing on-premises backup solutions often leave holes in protection and adding capacity requires costly capital expenditure. While having multiple...

by January 31, 2016January 31, 2016

SRKK is the Cloud Warrior Winner!

We are happy and honoured to received the Cloud Warrior of the Month Award. On of that, we also won the Highest Belt Award and will be nominated as SMB Cloud Partner of the Year. Thank you for you support and trust in SRKK! SRKK is part of the Microsoft Partner Network helping customers get...

by January 5, 2016January 23, 2018

SRKK & Microsoft Maps its Cloud Future

It’s a rare technology conversation today that doesn’t include the cloud platform. Cloud is a once-in-a-generation technology advancement, and our customers are using the power of cloud to reimagine their businesses—whether by accelerating innovation, enabling new business scenarios, speeding time to market, or driving cost savings. With a flexible cloud platform that gives you all...

by January 5, 2016January 5, 2016
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