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How to share files and stay connected with Excel 2016?

We always share our files with colleagues, customers or others. Most of time, we will share through Email or thumb drive. Today, we can simply share our file with Excel 2016. What we need to do is: To invite others to view or edit our workbooks in the cloud. Click on the Share button in...

by September 19, 2016January 8, 2018

O365 SharePoint Top 5 Benefits for Managing Small Business Information Management

As part of the benefits of subscribing to Office 365, you will also have the opportunity to use SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online creates a level playing fields by offering enterprise services for managing company information to small and medium businesses that otherwise only available to big enterprises. Traditionally, you might think that in order to...

by September 5, 2016January 8, 2018

Understanding SOME of the Pratfalls and Pitfalls of Sharing in a Collaborative World

Digital content sharing with SharePoint is both a tremendously useful set of features and also a set of capabilities fraught with peril – depending on the type of content and the knowledge level of the person doing the sharing. As most SharePointillists know, SharePoint provides a hierarchical security model. It can get extremely complex either...

by August 5, 2016January 9, 2018

UTP New website is LIVE!

The New UTP Website is finally LIVE! After 3 months of hard work and dedication from our SharePoint team, the new featured UTP website is finally LIVE! Check it out here This is one of our major project, it is our pride gem to showcase our work to UTP. To find out more about products and...

by January 5, 2016January 5, 2016