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Don’t let cybersecurity threats be your focus

Did you know?

Security Breach can cost you 3.86M

A simple and little negligence in your security can cost this much. Know what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.


Costs for ASEAN business data breach


Hacked organizations reported that thieves specifically target PII (Personal Identifiable Information).


Average cost per lost or stolen data

Have you experienced security breach?

Besides the high costs, Data Breach can also mean

Revenue Loss

Damage to Brand Reputation

Loss of Intellectual Property

Hidden Costs

Online Vandalism

Monitoring - Your Key To Security

How can VITD make your life easier and safer?

VITD’s Special Features

This means, faster task performing, accurate execution of complex tasks, operates 24/7, compliments the different strengths of the team, has mass market potential, and facilitates faster and smarter decision-making

This results to updated signature files, maintained scan engine, secured Operating Systems. It also help patch security flaws and help protect your data.

VITD can detect new types of viruses and can create protection against new types of viruses and bugs.

Geographical challenges will no longer be an obstacle for support, management, and monitoring.

VITD is backup by Next Gen AI security protection.

VITD also covers

Automated delivery of IT services


Remote Desktop

Agent Scripting

Deliver consistent services from a single pane of glass

Network Monitoring

Automated patching

Inventory and Audit

Live Connect

Centralized documentation of all client assets

Agent-based Monitoring

Software Packaging

Patch Deployment & Management

No Human-Touch Automation

Monitoring of server/endpoint, hardware and software status

Causes of Security Breach Virtual IT Department Platform Virtual IT Department Services
Automation of common IT processes
Endpoint support
Unauthorized use
Antivirus and Antimalware (AV/AM) deployment
Monitor unauthorize software installation with
action report on an IT audit
Routine Maintenance
Bug fixes & Service issues
Social engineering
Remotely troubleshoot and manage end user computers
Best practices for computer usage
Human error
Discover and manage on/off-network endpoints.
Network Visualization allows you to see endpoints
Shorter & faster troubleshoot time through
addressing exact issue area
Criminal hacking
Real-time visibility to the patch status of all the devices
in your IT environment. Automate software maintenance
across platforms, and easily address the complexities of
patch deployment
Computer Optimization
Old, Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities
Enterprise-wide monitoring, alerting and automatic
incident remediation
Give support and resolve issues that cause
endpoints to malfunction
Antivirus and security updates and monitoring
Endpoint maintenance
VPN access support (up to the endpoint VPN installation)

Why Us?

24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring

Reap the benefits of enterprise-wide monitoring all the time, alerting with shorter time to resolution. 

Access to certified engineers

Supported by a pool of professionals and certified engineers with extensive IT knowledge that can resolve issues immediately. 

Right & Timely IT solutions

Our solutions will not only meet your current needs but will also be forward-thinking to meet your needs for at least another 3-5 years in this rapidly changing IT scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a monitoring service on your IT environment to check any abnormal activity happens, and to avoid any targeted attack. Attack will not happen within a night, but malware can be planted in your IT environment without you realising. Therefore, our IT expert will take a remediation action towards abnormal behaviours. 

A big YES! Since VITD works remotely, it is available globally.

We have a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed with you to make sure your privacy is secured. Permission for each engineer is also needed before anyone could access data and information.  

Contact our sales and send us a Purchase Order for your request. 

We have a package to cater your PC/NB and your server environment. Fill out the form down below to get a quote.

There is a minimum one (1) year contract.  

It covers Microsoft platform and follow supported version (follow Microsoft end of life product lifecycle).

Your existing IT team can be the coordinator or Quality controller to evaluate SRKK services. 

SRKK have a respond SLA for 4 hours, and critical issues within 1 hour. 

No, as your PC/NB are being monitored 24×7. Your PC should be at optimum performance at any time. 

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