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Nintex grants you the ability to construct and customize forms without coding knowledge, this also includes adding branding and presentation logic, forms can work the way you work. Forms can be consumed on most common mobile devices from the internet, anywhere and anytime. Nintex Forms integrates seamlessly with Nintex Workflow to automate business processes and deliver rich SharePoint applications.

Empower your business users and enhance developer productivity:
– Auto-generate forms to support your business applications
– Customize forms quickly with an intuitive browser-based designer
– Integrate with databases and business applications via SQL and standard Web Services.

Nintex Forms closely integrates with Nintex Workflow for SharePoint, your date gets to where it needs to go and your forms can be connected to create powerful workflow solutions.

Share and align business processes across teams with reusable templates and modules. Get the right information to the right people by connecting forms with your processes. Automatically kick off workflows and route tasks based on form submissions. Approve, review and track information submitted via forms. This can help reduce your IT burden, gain efficiency and reduce processing costs.

Customize forms in a simple, point-and-click format with Nintex forms for SharePoint. You can alter forms to your specific data requirements by automatically generate them with Nintex Forms. Customize process forms professionally with ease. Things can be so much simple with Nintex

Check your tasks as easily as checking your texts. Nintex mobile apps allow you to:

  • Capture data
  • Submit requests
  • Start processes
  • Complete tasks
  • Review content
  • Approve documents

Do it all, in your mobile. Seamlessly without hassle.

Many workflows involve vendors, customers, contractors and partners. Some people outside your organization won’t have access to your SharePoint site. Reliably and securely publish your forms to SharePoint sites and to public websites. Nintex forms encrypts, authenticates and secures your cloud-to-SharePoint traffic.

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