SRKK aims to transform ourselves from good to GREAT

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We ask the best questions for clarity.
  • We put ourselves in customers’ shoes.
  • We regularly wow everyone with our output.


  • We make visible commitments and honour them.
  • We have confidence to measure our performance.
  • We strive to deliver happiness.


  • We nurture growth mindsets.

  • We dare to challenge ideas and be challenged.
  • We align with industry trends and prioritise accreditation.


  • We always have our team member’s backs.

  • We encourage a NEWSTART lifestyle for excellent health.
  • We create a safe space for openness.

GREAT Quality Policy

We are committed to improving our consulting practice to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

At SRKK, we adopt a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 as the basis of high-quality standards. We review our quality objectives annually as a form of continual improvement.

We aim to transform ourselves from good to GREAT:


We create a conducive environment for learning where the growth and development of employees is actively encouraged and supported.


We are a reliable partner that delivers right and timely solutions to help customers achieve full business potential.


We understand our markets, customers’ needs & expectations and continuously improve our services to enhance customer satisfaction and operational excellence.


We advance our global capabilities by sharing our experience, knowledge and resources among and between consulting practices and offices.


We build long lasting trust-based relationships with our customers by consistently providing high quality products and services.