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We want to build a culture that is rooted on our ELITE Core Values. By rooting on the ELITE Core Values, we believed we will grow strong and flourish like a cedar tree. Our core values are: Health, Professionalism, Excellence, Learning, Integrity, Teamwork and Entrepreneurship. To keep our people healthy, the company is advocating NEWSTART life-style for all employees.


  • I keep excellent health by living NEWSTART lifestyle.
  • I get things done right the first time, always and win the clients rating of 5/5.
  • I am polite and dress appropriately.
  • I am winner of many awards and recognitions.


Makes the team grow stronger and stronger :

  • I always work to unlock that potential inside me.
  • I am always up-to-date with latest technology.
  • I have the right knowledge and apply it effectively.
  • My learning is validated through accreditation.


Keeps the customers trust in our work, satisfied and wanting to come back for more

  • I am honest in all my dealings with customer, partners and ourselves.
  • I understand my customer needs and offer the Right & Timely solutions all the time;
  • We Say it, We Do it.



Makes the team strong and united

  • I work, serve, and play as a team.
  • I support other by removing obstacles and enable my team member to succeed.
  • We take risks in our work and learn together to make better decision in the future.



Expands our market exponentially

  • I continuously grow my business in my chosen market segment.
  • I always think of ways to change processes, perspectives, and opinions, for the better.
  • I set and exceed my own high standards for getting more done with the same or even fewer resources than before.

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