Automate your workflow with RPA Kaizen

Get in touch with your own team of RPA consultants and
developers now.
Low commitment, Flexibility, Affordability? It’s a given!

  • Automate repetitive/tedious tasks
  • Mimics human actions
  • Without human supervision

How does RPA Kaizen work?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a growing necessity in this increasingly technology-driven market. Take your first step to streamline important time-consuming processes.

Step 1

Subscribe to RPA Kaizen

Your dedicated IT & RPA team includes a IT Consultant, a Developer and an Engagement Manager with a fixed number of hours per month.

Step 2

Monthly RPA
Development Cycles

Plan out a RPA roadmap with SRKK and run monthly development cycles to implement your Business Intelligence needs.

Step 3

Downgrade or Pause
Subscription Plan

Pause or Downgrade your subscription when you need less help from us.

Benefits of RPA

Upscale your business seamlessly and experience instant benefits as RPA can be integrated into your workflows to carry out tasks within days.

01. Higher accuracy
02. Enhanced customer interaction
03. Modernised legacy infrastructure
04. Reduced Cost
05. Free up staff time
06. Improved analytics for workflow efficiency
07. Advanced governance
08. Higher accuracy
09. Improved scalability
10. Better security
11. A clear advantage over competitors

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